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Integrity and honor are our primary guiding values.

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Company History

Integrity and Honor


Navy veteran Harley Coons started 512 Renovations LLC on a break from working for the National Catastrophe Team (CAT). Being a veteran, he incorporated the values of integrity and honor into his company. It almost immediately took off, bringing in all kinds of renovation work where he took excellent care of clients. Unfortunately, the company had to go on hold when another natural disaster struck, and Harley was called to duty to go back on the road to write insurance claims for the victims. After 10 years of being on the road, working CAT, and doing renovations when at home, Harley decided to settle down and dedicate his time to his family and his new growing business. After gaining experience from being an insurance adjuster, it was a natural transition into the construction industry. 

512 Renovations handled many different types of renovations, both commercial and residential. In 2017 it became apparent that roofing was such an integral component, Integro Roofing DBA became the roofing subsidiary of 512 Renovations.

Now, 512 Renovations/Integro Roofing handles most aspects of building construction, from roofing to painting, and everything in between. With our new master electrician license we can take on even more.

How is it we do so much more? As the demand for general contractors with multiple disciplines grew, 512 Renovations/Integro Roofing has grown to meet that demand. We are what some call a “super sub,” handling various avenues for our clients. 

Clients and staff reviewing available service options.

Clients and staff reviewing available service options.

Meet Our Team

Harley Coons, Owner

Harley with his son having a blast!

Harley is the General of the company and truly cares about this company and his team. He will bend over backwards to ensure the company runs like a well oiled machine, and that customers are satisfied with our performance. 

Bryan Roller, Chief Operations Officer


Bryan oversees all things operations and makes sure the entire project is flowing efficiently. He is the squirrel to Alastair's moose; they make a wonderfully dynamic duo. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and to each job being completed to perfection. 

Alastair Whitman, Production Manager

Alastair Whitman in his work truck

Alastair is our expert production manager and master squirrel chaser with years of experience managing crews, work sites, and materials. He is dedicated, hardworking, and an invaluable member of the team. There is no one better to have working to ensure the job gets done on time and meets our quality standards!  

Landon Haynes, Master Electrician


Landon is our master electrician. He is the expert where electricity, wiring, safety, and way more than can be listed in this little space are concerned. He's committed to getting the job done and getting it done right, so it is up to code and ensures safety. 

SG (Sherri) Barron, Office Manager


Meet Mom! She takes excellent care of her team and our customers. She will move mountains to make sure everything is running smoothly and that everyone has what they need. 

Gunner Barron, Shop Security


Shop security is very important and who better to ensure the security of our staff, equipment, and supplies than an observant (especially when food is involved) and intimidating security officer. He works hard for treats and tennis balls between naps.

Services Available



We handle roofs from residential to commercial with all different types of roofing material. We can install, repair, or replace composite (shingles), standing seam (metal), TPO, tile, modified bitumen, slate, synthetic slate, R-Panel, built-up, copper, and fluid applied roofing systems. 


We install gutters customized to your needs, including downspouts and gutter shields. 


Need paint? We offer expert service for all of your painting needs, both interior and exterior. 


Siding installation, repair, and replacement in a variety of materials, including wood, concrete, vinyl, and many others, is just another service we have available. 


Keeping your indoor environment at the optimum temperature in Texas can be a challenge. We install insulation options from spray foam to sheet insulation.

Window & Door Removal/Installation

To round out our services, we can install, remove, and/or replace windows and doors for both residential and commercial buildings.